The Office of Admissions is authorized to review, accept, defer, or deny applicants based on this evaluation of a students application.  CTIAU does not discriminate based on ethnicity, race, gender, age, disability or religious beliefs.

Student Badges

All Staff and Student badges pictures are taken on orientation day.

If your badge is lost or stolen please call the office (619) 937.0197

(Student Verification) - go to Account Information Lookup


Tuition and fees are established annually by the University's governing board

The documents will include the current tuition, books, graduation robe, and supplies

Students should consult their academic department for an estimate of these costs.

Making Payments:  All payments of fees which are mailed should be paid by money order, or certified check made payable to Christ Temple Int'l Apostolic University and mailed directly to the Bursar's office.  Also, the University participates in the MasterCard and Visa credit systems for tuition payments.

** Transcripts and records are not released if a student's account is not paid in full.

Withdrawl - Delinquent Accounts - Class Cancellation (call 619.937.0197)

Contact us

Address: 309 Prescott Avenue * El Cajon CA 92020

Tel: 619.937.0197  Fax: 619.937.0198


Parking Services

Access to CTIAU parking facilities is controlled by the Registrar. Operations hours for inside parking Tuesday - Thurs 9:30 am - 2:00 pm and Saturday open 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.  Visitor and Guest Parking is located on the city streets.

Safety & Security

Facilities Management (FM) Identifying and resolving conditions or practices that could potentially cause personal injury or property damage is our priority. Report any unsafe conditions to Facilities. All reports will be investigated and routed through the Registrar office for correction or resolution.